About Us

ReACT is a leader in wind tunnel design and development for Aerospace and Automotive R&D testing.

People Make It Happen

Our strength is our highly trained and skilled professional staff with decades of experience in innovation and implementation in the field. Due to our continual contact with users through maintenance and upgrades, ReACT has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in wind tunnel design and operations.

We continue to use that knowledge to innovate and improve performance.

How DMSA (Dilworth Secord Meagher & Associates)
Became ReACT Technologies

ReACT Technologies Inc. is a Canadian corporation founded in 1991 by the management and most of the employees of DSMA SEG (Systems Engineering Group), a business unit within DSMA-International.

  • 1991, the assets and trademarks of DSMA SEG were transferred to ReACT Technologies, DSMA / Turbo LuftTechnik (TLT) owned 50% of ReACT. Mission: "Make wind tunnels better - through automation"
  • 2001, ReACT purchased DSMA-Babcock, the successor to DSMA-International, to provide full wind tunnel services to our clients in the future. Mission: "Make better wind tunnels - through feedback from test procedures and operation experiences"
  • 2006, ReACT re-launched the wind tunnel engineering and maintenance services, our first client for complete wind tunnel maintenance was Renault-Samsung Motors.
  • 2008, ReACT formed alliances with local companies to provide world-wide one-stop complete wind tunnel maintenance and design / build services.

ReACT Technologies - Single Source For Complete Facilities Development

ReACT’s primary business is in wind tunnels design, engineering, integration and maintenance services. Acting as project manager, we partner with local architectural, engineering and construction firms to offer complete facilities development.

You can rely on ReACT to be your single source ensuring quality from start to finish. We take responsibility for the entire project so that your facility is delivered on time and on budget and works to specification.