TALENT Benefits

Benefits of TALENT™ V4

Because TALENT™ V4 serves all phases of the testing process in a vertically integrated fashion, the product development / research team can reap several important returns on investments:

  • Proven technology - used in many different types of wind tunnels
  • Demonstrated reliability
  • Productivity - full automated testing, with multiple levels of automation
  • Test integrity - complete rest documentation, traceable and auditable data, with calibration tools and calibration history
  • Flexibility in designing new test types, simplicity in test planning, defining new tests with existing or new test types
  • Extensibility - open architecture, add-in components using DCOM
  • Scaleability - functions can be re-distributed, performance can be improved with additional hardware without re-design
  • High performance direct digital control implementation
  • Accessibility to any data at any time for test monitoring, using a consistent graphical user interface
  • Extensive facility management tools for maintenance, cost allocation
  • Non-obsolescence - TALENT™ has been continually upgraded since 1984, longer than any other test facility automation system in the world

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