ReACT manages the complete development of new and upgraded facilities.

It takes a team of people with the experience, skill sets and the integrity essential to plan, develop and manage complex systems and processes required to deliver a successful wind tunnel project on time and on budget.

ReACT’s experience, innovation, products and services are central to the delivery of test performance and facility ROI.

Who better to lead your next project?

We can act as Project Management Lead or Technical Design/Build Lead. In either case, ReACT is the one resource for the critical elements of planning, design and engineering as well as budget control. You have a single source responsible for performance results from start to finish.

We work with local architects, construction companies and sub-contractors with on-site management to deliver your new completed facility.

Design & Engineering

We design to structural, thermal and vibration testing requirements before building the model. Modeling of structural components such as shells, beams, masses, spring, etc. allows us to optimize the design for load and constraints. We reduce design cycle time and prototyping costs by defining how the product is going to behave under various conditions and optimizing product performance.